My family

The Montalbano’s.

I was raised in Staten Island, New York along with my four older brothers and our childhood pets. Our parents, Kenneth and Ellen, are exceptionally kind, generous, supportive, and loving. We owe all of our success and confidence to both of them.

As New York City natives, my parents loved taking us on trips to Manhattan; the boys to see sports games and me to the American Girl Store or to see the Radio City Rockettes. We spent a lot of time at home too, swimming in the pool, listening to the Beatles, playing board games, or eating ice cream.

For all five of us, our parents made sure that school was our top priority, which is why today we all have an efficient work ethic. The hours and days of stressful studying wound up to be worth it, like they always said, though we might’ve pushed back at the time. Today each of my siblings and I are following our dreams and on our individual paths, but family will always be the strong center holding us up.